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Writing Assignment #3

Proposal Memo to the Decision-maker

Summary of assignment

· Task: You will complete the following:

· Identify the decision-maker or group of decision-makers to whom you will write this memo.

· Consider the secondary research you conducted on your topic for writing assignment #2 and what additional secondary research you will need.

· Write a proposal memo to your decision-maker asking for permission to write a report based upon your research.

· Length: 700-1000 words

· Format: A template for the memo is provided on page 2.

How This Assignment Informs Writing Assignment #4

This proposal memo is a preliminary step you take prior to writing your final paper, which is the research-based report (writing assignment #4). Your final paper in WRTG 394 will be a report in which you:

· define a problem in your workplace or community persuasively and accurately.

· propose a solution or solutions to the problem or issue.

As part of defining the problem and proposing a solution, you must conduct additional secondary research to that which you conducted for your synthesis literature review.

In Writing Assignment #3, the proposal to conduct research, you are persuading a decision-maker or group of decisionmakers to authorize you to begin conducting this research that will end up in your final report.

The main purposes of the research proposal memo are to accomplish the following:

· Demonstrate that the problem you’ve identified for Project #4 is significant enough to warrant investigation.

· Present a feasible plan or blueprint for your research.

· Set forth potential benefits to the organization or community from the research that justify the use of time and resources.

Template for Submitting Your Memo

Note: Please use the format outlined below, including the headers provided in bold, for the memo.


To: [Decision Maker Name(s) and title(s)]
From: [Your Name and title]
Date: [Today’s Date]
Subject: Request to Conduct Research on […]

Write one or two sentences
to explain
why you are writing this memo.
Specifically request to conduct research for a report on the topic.

What the Problem Is and Why It Needs to Be Investigated
In a series of paragraphs, describe the problem to which you are going to propose a solution and
explain why you think this problem is important.]

Research I Have Conducted
/Will Conduct
about the Problem
In one
the secondary
research you have conducted on the problem

[Be sure to mention both [Be
Be sure to mention both scholarly and trade/professional sources you have used
or hope to use.] to use

Why We Will Benefit from My Research and Recommendations
[In one or two paragraphs, describe your recommendations to the problem/situation you are
describing. Include a description of the potential benefits that your organization or community
will incur by authorizing your research and considering your recommendation.]

In one or two sentences, conclude your memo by repeating the request for
reminding of the benefits of your conducting the research and considering your


Examples of How to Make Topics Specific for the Final Report in WRTG 394

· If you wish to write a report to your supervisor at work suggesting that email be used less frequently for communication and that another application, such as texting, be used to improve communication, you cannot simply prepare a report on the benefits of texting in the workplace. You must
establish that your specific office has problems in communicating by email and indicate the benefits of using alternative communication systems, such as texting, for your workplace environment.

· If you write a report to your neighborhood community association that a traffic light be posted at a particular intersection, you cannot simply prepare a report on the benefits of traffic safety. You must
show that the specific intersection in your neighborhood needs a traffic light in order to improve safety.

· If you write a report to the program chair of your major at UMGC recommending changes to the curriculum, you cannot simply prepare a report on the benefits of a certain class. You must
show that the specific curriculum for your major at UMGC lacks something that your suggested adjustment will provide.

· If you write a report on recycling facilities at your workplace, you cannot simply prepare a report on the benefits of recycling. You must
show that the recycling facilities at your specific workplace are inadequate or need improving.

Submitting the assignment:

You will submit a draft of the memo to the assignment folder. The instructor will provide comments to it and work with you on a second draft if necessary.

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