Violent Crime

Since the beginning of 2022, there has been a significant increase in violent crime nationwide. However, the city of Houston has led Chicago, New York City (NYC), and Los Angeles in the number of homicides among these major cities. As of January 23, 2022, NYC had 20 reported homicides, Los Angeles had 26 reported homicides, Chicago had 36 reported homicides, and Houston had 38 reported homicides (Seedorff, 2022).

In paragraph one of your initial post, please respond to the following question:

What do you believe to be contributing factors that have led to the significant increase in violent crime, particularly homicides, in 2022? 

In the second paragraph of your initial post, please address the following question:

What specific laws, policies or legislation would you propose, target and/or advocate for (or against) in an effort to address the social problem of increased violent crime rates in the four largest cities in the nation? 

Note: After you have made your initial post, don’t forget to respond (substantively and respectfully) to a minimum of two classmate’s initial post.

Note: This initial discussion board assignment #1 does not require citations or references.

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