This week’s assignment assesses your knowledge of APA format for academic papers. Refer to the textbook, lecture notes, and videos to create a title page (7th edition) for your research paper. Next, refer to your annotated bibliography and create a reference list in proper APA format (use instructor feedback from week 6 assignment). Directly underneath EACH source create the appropriate in-text citation for that same source. Click on the attached file to view a sample of the assignment (refer to the readings, notes, and videos to successfully complete this assignment – Do not SOLELY rely on the sample).

APA Essay Format 7th Edition

Introduction to Citation Styles: APA Format 7th Edition


Milfont, T. L., Milojev, P., Greaves, L. M., & Sibley, C. G. (2015). Socio-structural and psychological foundations of climate change beliefs. Psychology of Climate Change Beliefs, 44(1), 1-30. Retrieved from Ebscohost database.

In text citation: (Milfont, Milojev, Greaves, Sibley, 2015) OR (Milfont et al, 2015) 

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