Research Partner Study Related Assignment: 

Literature Review 

Topic: Prospective LGBTQ+ Workers, Communication, and Employment


Assignment 2
COMM 604

Research Partner Study Related Assignment:

Literature Review

Topic: Prospective LGBTQ+ Workers, Communication, and Employment


Employment processes:

1. Searching for jobs:
a. Recruiting
b. Career managing & supporting

2. Screening jobs
3. Applying for jobs
4. Interviewing for jobs
5. Accepting/Rejecting/Negotiating for jobs
6. Onboarding to jobs
7. Working at jobs:

a. Retention
b. Promotion
c. Work culture

i. Employee-Employee relations
ii. Employee-management relations

iii. Working conditions


A. There are at least seven processes related to gaining successful employment: (1)
searching for jobs, (2) screening jobs, (3) applying for jobs, (4) interviewing, (5)
negotiating offer, (6) onboarding, and (7) working.

B. Communication is inherent in all employment processes.
C. Effective communication is a key factor in successful employment success in all stages.
D. Individuals’ identities (understanding of, confidence, experience, etc.) and self-

assessment (knowledge, skills, abilities etc.) are critically important factors in
employment processes for all individuals

E. Discrimination can and does occur during any and all of these seven processes.
F. Types of discrimination can include: age, disability, compensation, gender & sexual

orientation, genetic, harassment, national origin, parental status, pregnancy, race & color,
religion, and retaliation. See: Kulkarni (2020, and US Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission (2022,



A. Use the ODU Library to identify data bases relevant to the COMMUNICATION studies

related to LGBTQ+ individuals and any of the seven employment processes.
2. Might consult with digital librarians to ascertain which data bases might be optimal for

this topic area.
B. For all seven employment processes, use key terms like “communication,” “work,” and so

on, to identify at least ONE LGBTQ+ focused study for each process. Thus, you will have at
least seven studies to summarize.

C. Create a 1-page summary document (OK to single space) for each of the seven studies that is
organized using the following six points:
1. Employment area. What is the employment process of the study? (1) searching, (2)

screening, (3) applying, (4) interviewing, (5) negotiating offer, (6) onboarding, and (7)
working. Just list the single word.

2. Citation. APA (7th edition) citation of the study. This MUST formatted be 100%
accurately. Use the APA Publication Manual (7th ed). For additional help with APA head

For the following be specific, but do not exceed the single page limit.

3. Subjects. Who was studied?
4. RQ/H/Purpose. What was studied?
5. Method. How was it studied?
6. Results. What did they find?

Be sure to include these six headings when writing each of your 1-page summaries.

D. Save your seven reviews in a single MS Word document labeled as follows:

Your last name-LR. (e.g., Socha-LR)
E. Submit this document when by due date.
F. Upload a .pdf copy of all seven studies to your folder in class Google Drive. Use the

following labeling conventions to relabel each study before uploading:
LR-[employment process]-[short-title] for example: “LR-interviewing-LGBTQ+issues

Assessment Criteria

1. Complete (all elements for all seven studies) 5 pts
2. Thorough (items 3 – 6 are clear and accurate) 5 pts
3. APA precision 5 pts
4. Fully follows guidelines 5 pts

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