Stressor refers to any environmental demand that creates a state of tension or threat (stress) and requires change adaptation ( adjustment).

As a college student at Monroe College, what type of demands/stressors require you to adjust or adapt? What coping methods do you use?


Watch one or two news shows or any show where someone is being interviewed. Discuss two strong points of the interviewer and two weak points of the interviewer explaining what you heard. What if anything would you do differently? 


View the videos (you may have to watch a 30 second commercial first). What are your thoughts on the “Princess Boy” & the “Girl Scout” videos? How do you think the parent(s) handled the situation? How do you think the parent’s messages about gender will influence the children’s gender identity? Do you think the children will be teased by their peers or is the reaction of the adults what sets the tone? The first, Princess Boy Video may require you to have flash downloaded, if you cannot view it, please just review the interview and respond based on that.

The Princess Boy Video


Interview with Princess Boy’s Parents

The Girl Scout Video


Plagiarism is essentially stealing the words, ideas, or creative works of someone else.  Plagiarism is not limited to students; many famous artists, journalists, and performers, were either accused or found to have submitted work/ideas that were not their own. View this 
 to read how New York Times journalist, Jayson Blair, plagiarized materials in his articles. Do you think Mr. Blair’s reputation can be restored? Can a future employer ever trust him?

How would you feel if someone took credit for your ideas or work? How can students avoid plagiarism? Click on the link to read the Monroe College Academic Integrity Policy – what do you think of the consequences for students who plagiarize?


Code of Academic and Scholarly Integrity (1).pdf

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