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This week, think about the problem in education that you identified back in Week 3. Create a timeline showing how technology has impacted, is impacting, and will impact this problem.

Then write a one-page summary in APA format detailing your findings and responding to all the following prompts: 

Do you consider technology to be part of the problem, part of the solution, or a bit of both? Why?

Explain any important dates, events, experts whose work you relied upon, successes, challenges etc. 

Some of your evidence will come from library or Internet resources, and some may also come from your workplace. While you should name authors of published resources, you should refer to your colleagues and leaders only in general terms.

For example:

Part I

Timeline showing dates and events with minimal text boxes. 

Part II 

Excerpt from a one-page summary

At the school where I am employed, test scores in English literature were lower than expected in 2010-2014, and this was a serious concern. In order to improve scores, the administration at my school tested a one to one ratio of computers to students in 2015 and 2016. It was somewhat successful in this aspect (explain briefly) but not in other aspects (explain briefly). Author (2006) conducted a study at a school that had also added computers to improve test scores, but his results were more successful than the results at my school. My school is trying a new intervention at the moment using some specialized reading software. Our district is considering implementing a learning management system in 2020, but we have financial issues, stakeholder resistance etc.

If you are not currently working or not working in education, it is acceptable to invent a scenario that is plausible and covers all the prompts.

You may create a timeline in Microsoft Word or use a free Microsoft Word timeline template that you find online such as the ones from

You should not use other programs like Visio, Excel, or PowerPoint instead.

Use timeline structure with dates, text boxes (required), and additional graphics (optional).

Then use APA essay format for the one-page summary, including in-text citations and references list.

Length: 1 completed timeline and a one-page summary with in-text citations and references list

References: Include a minimum of three credible resources appropriate to your specialization. of which at least one should be from a scholarly journal.

Pregnancy among Teenage School Girls

In recent years, there have been many problems that people in the educational sector have consistently been facing and that are needed to be addressed for the better of the organization. Therefore, the need to research and look at these problems from a good perspective and identify the reasons that have led the problem to persist has been a need that cannot be ignored. Therefore, the paper will research and discuss the central issue of pregnancy. In as much as this can be seen as a problem that should not be experienced in this era, ignoring the fact that this has been a problem in recent years will be ignorance. This problem has always been an issue among students and has led to many dropout cases in the girl population in all schools. Therefore, the importance of looking at this and addressing the same from a research-based viewpoint should be constantly considered for the success of eradicating the problem once and for all from the educational sector.

The paper, in this case, will identify the population that is mainly affected by the problem that has been mentioned above and the effects that the same has on the affected people. The paper will also address the consequences that will be there in any case if the problem is not solved or instead addressed with urgency. The report will also look at the stakeholders who will be affected by the situation in any case if it does occur both at the workplace and in the community in general. The paper will also look at the different journals and articles that have been written, the research that has been done in the process of addressing the problem in this case, and the process identify the differences that are there when it comes to what is being presented in the articles and the journals that have addressed the problem and the opinions that will have been discussed in the paper.

Affected Population

Looking at the general problem that this paper will be tackling, pregnancy, one can say that the population that is affected most by the problem is the population of teenage girls in all levels of school. The need to therefore address this problem cannot be underestimated. In recent years, many of the girls, looking at the statistics that have been presented on this matter, have dropped out of school. More than 50% of the reason why the dropout cases have been reported amongst the girls in schools is, in one way or another, directly related to pregnancy cases that they are experiencing (Nguyen, 2018). In as much as it is considered, the teenage girls are suffering the effects of the pregnancy being a problem; other people are also suffering the results of this problem. Some of these include the parents and the guardians of the teenage girls who end up getting pregnant. In most cases, parents make considerable investments in educating their children. In most cases, therefore, when their children end up getting the program, their education is momentarily cut short, and this usually ends up making the whole learning process to be a challenge that ends up affecting the parents as they will end up losing money that they had invested on the education of their children.

Severe Consequences of the Problem

There are dire consequences that are there, and that will affect both the education sector, the students, and even the community if the problem, in this case, is not addressed and solved as it should be. In this case, however, the main serious consequence is the one that will directly affect the teenage girls who will be pregnant. After the teenage girls have been pregnant, their education is always cut short because of the whole pregnancy period and process, usually being expectant and at the same time balancing between education and the effect of pregnancy is usually a tricky thing to do. Therefore, for this reason, many of the teenage girls who end up being pregnant usually opt to cut short their education and focus on both their pregnancy and the motherhood period. As a result, irregular attendance, and poor school performance, even after the pregnancy period, usually cut short the visions of the students. This is a considerable consequence not only to the teenage girls but also to the parents and the society because, as parents, they would have had lost a hope that they might have had on their child, which might end up bringing about things like stress and other stress-related mental issues. As a community also, it would have lost a bright future as the teenage girl would have been a resource to the community and the whole government. This, therefore, brings about the issue of mothers in the streets who do not have enough skills and knowledge that they need to get decent jobs, and this will increase the cases of unemployment which in the long run affect the living standards of people in a country which is an enormous consequence of this problem.

Stakeholders Interested.

Looking, therefore, at the challenges discussed above associated with early pregnancies among teenage students, this has made this a problem that every stakeholder has been interested in within the recent years. The problem, therefore, interests the administration of the school in a way that they need to address the issue in terms of educating the teenage girls not only the dangers of being sexually active but also knowing that controlling students from being sexually active is a problem, therefore, the need to come up with ways of educating both the teenage girls and boys ways of having safe sex should also be considered (Nguyen, 2018). Other stakeholders interested in this specific problem in the workplace include the teachers, the parent board, and even the state and the federal government. Being interested in this case is very important as it addresses the problem of coming up with policies that help address the problem and push for curriculum renewal or revision that will help incorporate different ways of addressing the issue.

Body of Literature on Pregnancy

Since the issue of pregnancy among teenage students has been persisting for many years, there has been other research done in coming up with ways of ensuring that the problem is eradicated once and for all. The study was done by Rohmah et al. (2020), specifically on the determinants of teenage pregnancy in Indonesia, has specifically addressed different things that are not only considered as being the things that might lead teenage girls to be pregnant but also the research looked at how these issues can be prevented and avoided by both the government, schools, and the parents. The information presented in this research addressed the problem significantly by extensively giving information on the determinants and the ways that might help address the issue, Salvi (2019), on the other hand, also does extensive research on this same topic extensively helps in the process of addressing the issue at hand in this case. The researcher in this specific article looks at teenage pregnancy and education in the global south. The research addresses and looks at pregnancy’s effects on education in the global south. This precisely is universal, and the paper that has been written in this case also addresses it extensively.

Similarities and Differences.

Looking at this case, therefore, different similarities have specifically been covered in the above sources that are like the ones that the paper, in this case, had discussed. Some of the similarities are that just like the report looks at the problem as an issue that interests all stakeholders in the workplace and outside the workplace, the sources also believe in the same thing. Another similarity between the articles that have been discussed in this case and the article written above is that both agree that the people who will be most affected if the problem persists are the young teenagers who will get pregnant. (Rohmah et al., 2020)

The main difference that is there between the situation that is there in the articles that have been used in this case and the one that has been presented in this case is that the problem that has been shown in the reports is more extensive and that it looks at all aspects of the school system whole discussing the issue. On the other hand, the situation used in this paper is narrower and only addresses the teenage girl’s side and, therefore, to some extent, ignores other factors outside this.

Making the Problem Engaging

As discussed earlier, one can say that pregnancy among teenage girls in schools affects teenage girls and that it does affect everyone in the general society. Therefore, the need to fully engage them in the process of addressing this issue is critical. One of the ways that will consequently help ensure that the problem is engaging with others is to first come up with avenues that will help bring all people together and help in designing ways that would help address the issue in this case. Forums should be created, and all stakeholders should be invited from all areas and bring them together to assist in understanding the issue at hand. It is also essential to ensure that all stakeholders can communicate and present what they should do to help solve the problem at hand. This communication should be shared through different media houses such as radios, televisions, and other means of communication.

The need, therefore, to come up with ways of reaching every stakeholder by making this a topic that should be discussed in all social media platforms, churches, and all other gatherings will help in addressing the issue significantly and, in the process, come up with a comprehensive and informed way of dealing with the problem that would have had involved all stakeholders.


Bekdache, G. N., & Berndl, A. (2019). Women with physical disability in pregnancy resident education: a national survey as a needs assessment for curriculum improvement in obstetrics and gynaecology in Canada. BMJ open9(7), e024505.

Nguyen, C. V. (2018). The long-term effects of mistimed pregnancy on children’s education and employment. Journal of Population Economics31(3), 937-968.

Rohmah, N., Yusuf, A., Hargono, R., Laksono, A. D., Ibrahim, I., & Walid, S. (2020). Determinants of Teenage Pregnancy in Indonesia. Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine&Toxicology14(3).

Salvi, F. (2019). Teenage Pregnancy and Education in the Global South: The Case of Mozambique Routledge.

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