please explore the social needs of the child’s development. 

Infancy to Early Childhood Case Analysis

Part I:

For this discussion board assignment, you will conduct an interview with a parent who has a child in the early childhood stage of development. In your interview, solicit information to understand the child’s development from infancy to early childhood about the area of development assigned to you. 

–please explore the social needs of the child’s development.

Social Needs: For social needs, use Erikson’s psychosocial theory of development.

ALL students should also explore how multi-cultural factors have impacted the area of development you are exploring (i.e., ethnicity, race, gender, socioeconomic status, ableism, religion, sexual orientation and other sub-cultural influences such as military). There are two optional videos in the learning module that will help you think about culture more deeply and generate ideas about possible areas/questions to explore with your interviewee.

Quality posts will integrate material from the textbook to support your analysis of the child’s development. All material from the textbook should be cited in APA style. Students should define psychological terms and concepts used; assume your audience is not familiar with developmental psychology.


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