Phil Week 8 DQR

Nestor Avila

Hello Class,

Yes, we as humans should do more to ensure animals have basic rights as well. We have rights to avoid unjust suffering within our society. If animals are sentient like us, then why shouldn’t they have the same right as we do? In 1966. the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued the Animal Welfare Act. This act ensures that animals used for research, farming, entertainment, sports are entitled to proper treatment. Although this may be true, animal welfare and animal rights are two different topics. When talking about animal welfare, we can still use them and exploit them so long as it isn’t in an irresponsible manner. When it comes to promoting their rights then they shouldn’t be used or exploited at all. 

In contrast, the European Union prohibited the testing of cosmetic products on animals in 2004. Later, the prohibition will include the ban of testing cosmetic ingredients on animals in 2009. Similarly, the Ringling Brothers retired their elephants, ending a 145 tradition after the public became aware of how the elephant were treated behind the scenes. Of course, there are laws and practices out there that are advocating for the rights of animals, but not enough to make in impact on those who strongly oppose the fair treatment. All lives, big or small are created equal. No one breed or species should have more rights than the other.

I include ethics in my current occupation by making sure that all my coworkers are comfortable, are not being overworked, and by ensuring the workload is distributed evenly. There is time where I will take on more workload and harder tasks in order to spare them from struggling and facing challenges. I will talk about ethics as a career competency by promoting decisions that benefit a group instead of an individual. I will incorporate ethics to also promote trust, honesty, and comfort between coworkers. 

Response –

Lucero Garibay

Hello class, I have enjoyed interacting with my peers and responding to their different views on moral matters. This course was everything that I thought it would be and more. It has solidified many of my own personal morals and added a few more methods when it comes to making decisions. I feel that remaining active in thinking about moral decisions is quite hard to master. Somethings do feel like a habit when it comes to making choices, but that is not always good. This course helped me understand that there is always a different way or idea and that there is no real right answer. Recently I have had to use my moral compass and really pay attention to each section. I work in a field where I constantly must give my best to remain patient and empathetic even when I do not want to. Retouching my moral compass has helped me reflect and it gives me an extra couple seconds before I just react to situations. Ethics will always be a part of my career. The medical profession is reliant and focused on ethical matters. If a person is not ethically competent not only does it affect their careers, but it also affects their whole life. I believe that everyone should take a course like this one to broaden their understanding of life and societal values. Society will continue to evolve, and moral changes will happen. Although I do not believe that morality changes quickly, I do think there is fluctuation. It is important to stay current with the times. This course was great, and I really do feel like I have expanded my scope of knowledge of ethics.  

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