Lewis Dot Structures Worksheet

Lewis Dot Structures Worksheet Name:

For the elements listed below, draw in the correct Lewis Dots for the atom.

1. N

2. F

3. Cl

4. O

5. H

6. B

7. Ar

8. Br

9. Si

10. He

For the compounds listed below, draw the correct Lewis Dot Structure.

11. SiCl4

12. OF2

13. CCl4

14. PF3

15. H2O

16. SO2

17. PH3

18. CO

19. BF3

20. CCL2O

21. CH3OH

22. I2

Drawing Lewis Dot Structures

1. Add up the total number of valence electrons in the molecule by totaling the valence
electrons on each atom in the molecule or polyatomic ion.

2. Draw the skeleton structure of the molecule or polyatomic ion in which the covalent
bonds between the atoms are drawn as single lines. Each bond equals two valence

electrons. If the molecule has more than two atoms, the atom with the lowest

electronegativity is generally listed first and is the central atom and is written in the


3. Distribute valence electrons around the outer atoms as nonbonding electrons to until each
atom has a complete outer shell (8 electrons except for H which has only 2 valence


4. Add the remaining valence electrons to the central atom.

5. Check the central atom.
o If the central atom has eight electrons surrounding it, the Lewis Structure is


o If the central atom has less than eight electrons, remove a nonbonding electron

pair from one of the outer atoms and for a double bond between that atom and the

central atom. If needed, continue to remove nonbonding electron pairs from the

outer atoms until the central atom has a complete octet.

Lewis Dot Structures Worksheet II Name:

Write Correct Lewis Structures for the Following Polyatomic Ions

1. SO4

2. PO4

3. NO3

4. CN

5. CO3

6. NH4

7. OH

8. ClO4

Write Correct Lewis Structures for the Following Molecules

1. H2S

2. C2H6

3. C4H8

4. NOBr (O is central)

5. CH2O

6. CO

7. O3 (Ozone)

8. NO

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