elect one on the following movies and watch it if you have not already. Then, describe a situation in the movie where you saw an equal protection issue or Constitutionally protected right that may have been violated, substantive due process, equal protection., abortion, right to privacy or a criminal issue that arose such as interrogation, search and seizure, stop and frisk. It needs to be a legal issue we covered in this class (e.g., not tax law, probate..,).  Briefly describe what happened. Do you believe there was a violation? Why? Is there was not a violation, why? Support your answer with case law, the Constitution or other legal sources we discussed in this class. You response is limited to 400 words or less. 

A Time to Kill

To Kill a Mockingbird

12 Angry Men

My Cousin Vinny


Fletch (one or two)

Erin Brockovich

Presumed Innocent

A Few Good Men

Scream (1,2, or 3)

Legally Blonde


In the Name of the Father

A Civil Action

Liar Liar…

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