DSM snips of disorders for EPR7

Below are documents that contain the DSM information for 3 different personality disorders and one dissociative disorder.  If you are having trouble accessing the DSM, please choose one of these disorders to write about.  You will still need to correctly cite.  If you are choosing the personality disorders, the chapter name is “Personality Disorders.”  If you choose the dissociate disorder, the chapter name is “Dissociate Disorders.”  

EPR 7: Exploring a Psychological Disorder

This exploration of psychology is designed to help you further your knowledge of psychological
disorders and the tools psychologists use for diagnosis.

As a DU student, you have access to the DSM-V on-line through our library system. Follow the
instructions on the next page to learn how to access it—you must use the DSM-V for this
assignment! Remember that the DSM is divided into three parts—the second section has
detailed chapters of all disorders by type and the diagnostic criteria for those disorders (as well
as other pertinent information).

For this EPR, you will (1) access the DSM-V and choose ONE disorder listed under “personality
disorders” or “dissociative disorders” (2) Answer the following questions about the disorder
you are choosing to learn more about.

Question 1 (3 pts)
Provide a brief description of the disorder in your own words. Then, list the diagnostic criteria
of the disorder you are examining. You may use the language provided in the manual for the
criteria, but you will want to CITE the source!

Question 2 (1 pt)
What is the prevalence rate of this disorder? What information is given regarding

manifestation (the age in which it appears)?

Question 3 (1 pt)
Define the term comorbidity. What are some of the comorbid disorders associated with the

disorder you are examining?

Citation (1 pt)

Accessing the DSM-V:

1. Log into Pioneerweb and click the tab “Resources”

2. In the right box (University Libraries), click the link “University Libraries”

3. Type DSM-V into the Compass Box

4. Locate the on-line version of DSM-V

5. Once accessed, go to section 2 of the DSM.

6. Click either the Dissociative Disorders chapter or the Personality Disorders chapter to find the

disorder you would like to investigate.

Questions about citing the DSM?

For this writing assignment, you can cite the DSM at the end of the paper to encompass the fact

that all information came from this source.

This is what your APA-citation should look like (the example provided below is for the “Anxiety

Disorder” chapter. You will need to change the chapter title and the doi to for the chapter you

are using.

American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Anxiety Disorders. In Diagnostic and statistical manual of

mental disorders (5th ed.). https://doi.org/10.1176/appi.books.9780890425596.dsm05

If you are using exact wording from the DSM-V (for example, listing criteria), you will want to

put these exact wording excerpts in quotation marks followed by (American Psychiatric

Association, 2013)

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