Directions: Pearson Originals videos can be accessed here:

Watch Fighting for Racial Equality: A Conversation Between Generations. After watching the video, Create a PowerPoint, Compare and contrast the conversation between each group. Be specific about details. 

Write your name, date, course and title of the Video on the first slide of the PowerPoint.

Fighting for Racial Equality: A Conversation  Between  Generations

Gwendolyn Sanders Gamble  –      Shante Wolfe-Sisson

Gwendolyn Cook Webb      –  Tori Wolf-Sisson

Omari Ho-Sang   –   Janice Wesley Kelsey

1. Sociologically speaking, race is a socially constructed label. What did it mean to the younger generation versus the older generation ?  What examples can you give to explain how each group thought race is socially constructed?

2. Consider the fact that most Black U.S. citizens are descendants of people who were brought involuntarily to the U.S., what effect did they say it has on leaders in the African American community? What about the relationship between African Americans and Whites today?
3. Gleaning from their perspective do you think the two groups believe some groups are dominant and some subordinate? Respond to that question through examples from the video. 
4. What is the difference between individual and institutional racism? Have you ever experienced either? How do both types of racism affect people of Color and Whites?

5. Have you ever participated in any collective efforts to make a progressive change? If so, what were they? What social cause do you think you personally could get involved with and why would it be that cause?
6. What knowledge did you gain from watching this video?
7. Describe in detail how a conversation between you and a younger generation would look. 

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