Brie intervention using a modality. see instructions attache.

Brief interventions methods

This paper is your chance to show that you understand Brief Intervention Methods (BIM) modalities and their application to clinical practice. First, choose a modality from our course (solution focused; MI; MI w/ CBT; crisis intervention; etc.), then in a well cited APA essay, introduce the modality, provide a brief review of the literature, teach the reader how to use the modality in clinical practice, and include any other sub topic areas you would like to include to show the reader both that you understand the modality completely and that you understand its ethical clinical application to practice. Have fun with this assignment, choose a modality that speaks to you or your practice voice. This paper should be clinically sound, creative, and engaging. Catch the readers attention, hold it, teach them, and end with a zinger! 
This paper should be 6-7 pages, not including cover and references. One of the strengths of your paper will be the number and variety of academic resources you use in your writing. You should at minimum have 8 scholarly sources cited in your reference section, a stronger paper may have more. I do not suggest getting by on the minimum. You got this!

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