You’ve now read and responded to a variety of writings by artists who have articulated their ideologies, values, conflicts, and more through manifestoes or manifesto-like writing. Here’s your opportunity to take a second step toward writing a Creative Artist Statement.

Conduct one of the “loose, informal” writings with “no rationale required.” Things to consider would be:

1. The Ekphrasis: Perform an ekphrasis on your own finished work;

2. Perform an Ekphrasis on your process: What do you see when you look at yourself making work? What do you see when you watch yourself working through a creative low point?

3. Look back at your responses to the Values assignment. Do you think your values are apparent in your work, in your practice, in your research? How can you weave those in?

One-page minimum. Turn in this assignment via Canvas.

Attached File is about my art.

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