You will be required to explain and conceptualize/design/implement/configure/operate a defense technology (attacks may be allowed) and write a report to demonstrate advanced knowledge in a recent information security technology.

Project topic: Firewalls. Download install, configure and use a firewall such as iptables.

Requirments :

A.(video) A step-by-step Lab or Procedure/ tutorial: Conceptualize, design, implement, configure

B.( docx. )Develop a step-by-step tutorial/procedure with all required materials (s/w) to teach the students an information security technology or concept.


One archive file ( containing:

1. Lab procedure, project report or paper (editable source: .docx, .tex).

2. Source code

3. complied version of the tool, lab, demo, simulation, VMs, etc.

4. tutorial video with subtitle (no voice over, low music is fine…) such as vimeo . com

Tutorial video must have:

a) Firewall introduction

b) Program introduction

c) Advantages and disadvantages

d) Step-by-step tutorial

e) Ending

(5/10 minutes long)

Remember(The more features/information you include the higher your grade will be. )

video example :

note : add texts as much as possible because i will present it

lab example : attached (but not the same thing)

Comments from Customer

PowerPoint can be done instead of the video.

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