You were assigned a book, titled Force Decisions: A Citizen’s Guide (Understanding How Police Determine Appropriate Use of Force). Read the book and take detailed notes of what the author teaches about this important topic. Provide an overview along with sufficient detail and page references to document having read the book and also that you understand its contents. For example, what are the various hard truths reported in the book, and why are they included? What is offered in law enforcement training? What happens when trained officers hit the streets and have to put their training into action? What is offered to citizens v law enforcement officers regarding legal duties to act? Why does the author make a strong distinction between pain and injury? There is a wealth of information in this book. Do your very best to offer a full and balanced review of the book. Given the turbulent times we are living in, I hope you find this book useful as well as interesting and educational. Study its lessons. Report about them in an accurate, well-organized essay. Aim for 4-5 pages.

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