Write a research paper on

Organization: Cornerstone Building Brands

Good or Service: Commercial Metal Building Systems

In the paper, answer the questions below regarding the organization, quality and supply chain.

The company has multiple product lines but the main focus as far as process of goods or services should be on commercial metal building systems.

Introduction and Overview of the Organization – Cornerstone Building Brands

Describe the organization. 

What goods or services do they offer? 

What is the ownership structure?   

What are the operational competitive advantages?   

Who are its primary competitors? 

How does the competitive environment affect its operations? 

Discuss the product’s location in the product life cycle

Process Description – Metal Building Systems

What process strategy do they use to create this good/service? 

What are the inputs to this process? 

What transformational activities do they perform to add value? 

What are the outputs? 

Describe the process using a flow chart, a process activity chart, service system mapping, or value-stream mapping, where appropriate.


Describe the organization’s approach to quality for the good/service. 

How do they ensure quality?  Do they use any quality tools discussed in class?  If so, what?  Do they use inspections?

Supply Chain

Describe the organization’s supply chain.

Who are its most important suppliers? 

Who are its customers? 

Do they outsource? 

Do they use a “many-suppliers” strategy or a  “few-suppliers” strategy? 


Describe the organization’s inventory: raw material, WIP, MRO, finished goods. 

Where in the process do they hold inventory? 

What are the pros and cons of holding inventory for this organization? 

How do they decide when to order and how much to


Provide 4 to 5 key recommendations. 

Number and state the recommendation clearly and concisely; then explain the recommendation in one to two paragraphs.

Describe how the organization can improve quality, supply chain, and inventory. Be specific in your recommendations. Write as if you are an Operations Manager.


Write a concluding paragraph(s) for the project paper that provides a review of the major findings or issues of the analysis. A conclusion does not present new information; it summarizes the key points of the paper.


In text citations must be made. On a separate page at the end of your research paper, provide references in APA format.  Be sure to include the textbook at the very least, and any other source material you may have found regarding the organization and regarding the subject matter, including anything you may have taken from the Internet.

Resources to Consider:

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