Watch this video:

Then, answer the following questions:

-Had you heard of the DASH diet before? (I have not)

-Do you have a history of high blood pressure in your family or do you suffer from hypertension?  (Yes my husband and mother in law are)

Even if you answer no to both, the best way to cure disease is to prevent it all together, so how can you incorporate the DASH diet in your daily eating to prevent or treat hypertension? Offer your classmates a recipe that would meet some of the goals of the DASH diet utilizing several food groups and do provide the recipe.  Make sure you also provide the resource or the link of your recipe.


1. Give your blog a title that the reader cannot resist.

2. Start with an introduction that grabs the reader’s attention.

3. Answer the questions

4. Close with a Motivational Bang

5.Cite information, provide a reference using APA style. Remember to reference the video the blog is based on and your book, if you use it.

6.Do not use bullets or numbers.  Make sure the blog has an introduction, at least 3 supporting paragraphs and a conclusion that renders advise to the reader.

Thank you!

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