using and stating when used following calculators online, please.

Confidence Intervals for Proportions

Hypothesis Testing for Proportions: html

Normal Distribution Calculator:

Inverse Normal Calculator:

3. According to a past study from 2020 for King County, it was believed that 1.4% of the students in the Seattle Public School district did not have access to a computer. Suppose you are planning to do a follow-up study to understand the current proportion of children in Seattle Public School district that do not have access to a computer. You suspect that the proportion is probably still close to 1.4%.

How large should your sample be if you want the Margin of Error to be within 0.3% with a confidence level of 98%? (Be sure to show your calculations involving the formulas.) – Hint: Ch. 18 of the textbook has some helpful examples in a section called “Choosing your Sample Size”. Also, keep in mind that the z* value for a confidence level of 98% is 2.326.

4. What effect does each of the following have on the size of a confidence interval? i.e. For each of the following, does the confidence interval increase in size, decrease in size, or stay approximately the same size?

a. Decreasing the margin of error One more page!

b. Decreasing the size of the sample

c. Decreasing the confidence level

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