This is for an Advanced Experimental Psychology Class. This Assignment is based 2 Mental Rotation Articles (Shepard 1971 pdf. & Masters_1998_Genser_difference…pdf). Coglab 5.0 was used to conduct the lab experiment and data was collected.Writer MUST be able to familiarize and know how to use Vassarstats, and Factorial Design(Mixed Factorial) to complete the assignment successfully. Please, DO NOT use any Outside Information/Sources.All information needed to successfully complete the assignment will be provided under the “My File” Section.If you have any questions/concerns regarding this assignment, please let me know. I will look from time to time and will provide prompt responses. Below you will see I’ve Copied & Pasted the instructions for this assignment (Directly From Mental Rotation Word Doc).

NOTE: Please, use this link below with its access code to watch the recorded zoom class lecture on Mental Rotation for better understanding of the topic/overall assignment. It’s helpful! Thank You!





*ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS (Copied & Pasted Directly From Word Doc.):


Our Research Questions:

1. Is there an effect of degree of rotation on RT?

2. Is there an effect of gender on RT?

3. Is there an interaction between degree of rotation and gender?

IV: degree of rotation (7 levels: 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120)

IV: gender (male, female)

DV: reaction time

This will be a 2×7 Mixed Factorial Design **VassarStat limitation have to make it a 2×4 Factorial Design

Gender: between group

Degree of Rotation: within group

We will explore two main effects and an interaction!

**Use the data on the shared drive

Results section:

Start with descriiptive statistics (include a table and figure), followed by main effects and interactions.


Start with your descriiptive statistics and mention Table of means and Figure of Plot….

Following describe inferential statistics:

There was a significant main effect of degree of rotation F (_,_)=___, p=___. Zero degrees was faster than 40 degrees which was….. . There was a significant main effect of gender F (_,_)=___, p=___. There was also a significant or there was no significant interaction between degree or rotation and gender, F(_,_)=___, p=___. This indicates that as degree of rotation increases male reaction time… compared to the female reaction time

For This Lab:

• Title page

• Results **include a table and figure



Thank You For Your Cooperation!


#Shepard1971pdf (Article)

#Masters_1998_Genser_difference…pdf). (Article) #Coglab5.0 #Vassarstats #NoOutsideSources/Info. #FactorialDesign(Mixed)

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