These are my teachers instructions….

For your final paper

Include a title page.

Repeat the title on the next page and then paste your bibliographies in alphabetical order with

no extra spaces anywhere (double spacing throughout).

Once you decide, reread abstract. Scan introduction, descriiption of the intent of the

article, look at what they did, and go to discussion. Then write in your own words what the

article was about.

Finish with a personal appraisal of usefulness to your areas of interest.

Use active voice. Sentence subject performs the action. Actor+verb+target

Read the abstract, skim the content, and read the conclusions sections to get a big picture of what the article is about.

Then boil it down to major take-aways. Make your entries one-half page or more (even though my first sample entry is a

bit shorter). Try to remember to write in active voice “researchers (date) did what to whom and found what. Their data

indicated that…….”

Follow this with a paragraph on its usefulness to you in your current or future practice or in your area of interest. What

stood out as something to use or remember?

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