The project aim is to develop an optimization model for a data set of interest to study the impact of decreasing and increasing the inventory management on a retailer company’s customer service. The data for the study shall be related to a retailer company such as Amazon, Wal Mart, Target, …etc. A comparison of operations before and after the recommendation should be given. The term project should use at least some of the modeling concepts introduced in the course (refer to course syllabus).

The project should consist of a background about a real-life business case study, reviewing some recent related literature, necessary data for the modeling, developing or using an appropriate mathematical model, solving and analysis of the case. The final report and the presentation of the project should be written in excellent English and address all concerned questions and sensitivity analysis. Detailed computing outputs should be included in an Appendix.

The report style should be as follows:

1) Background about the problem and why it is important to study.

2) Literature review of related recent studies, relevant to the topic (a minimum of 8 journal articles no older than 5 years).

3) Model suggestion and justifications for selecting the model.

4) Data collections and analysis.

5) A model solution along with sensitivity analysis.

6) Results, conclusions, and recommendations.

7) Appendix to include computer outputs (with all input data too).

Please submit the detailed report in a word file + the Excel model + the presentation.

Attached a sample project report.

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