The first section (50% of your paper, 1200 words) summarizes the article. This section should include a short introduction stating the goals of the study, followed by a brief descriiption of the methods used, the main results, and what the authors concluded in their discussion.

The second section (50% of your paper, 1200 words) contains your discussion of the content and conclusions of the articles. Here you write what you think and what you conclude from the research presented in the paper. In order to structure this section, you should address the following questions: Is the background information provided by the authors comprehensive and does it explain the need for the research conducted? Are clear objectives of research and testable working hypotheses presented? Are the methods sound and the results convincing? Can you follow and agree with the interpretation and conclusion from the results? Was this research necessary and useful or would it have been better to spend that money on other issues? Does this research help to address the global coral reef crisis? I am looking for a critical evaluation of the research, and if you don’t agree with conclusions of the authors, you should explain why.

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