Summarize in your own words (do not use direct quotes (“”) or “abstract” summaries) what you found interesting, what you may have experienced, and what you might like to research in greater detail (be specific) from Chapter 4 – “Ensuring Success: Legal, Safety, Ethical, and Curricular Considerations for School Leaders”. Summarizations should be in a series of paragraphs.

Cite your content using APA style in text citations and include a “Title Page” and “References Page” with the assignment (Be sure to format page headers). Online APA style resources are available under Shared Resources. The summarization should be a minimum of 2 full pages (maximum of 3 pages) of double-spaced content (No extra spaces are to be used in assignment) with appropriate centered main headings (Subheadings are to be left aligned if used in assignment). Conduct a spelling and grammar check on content to be submitted for grading.

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