Pick an athletic or recreational sport/game and complete the following paper using the course material, text, resources, and your own resources to complete the Sport Science Application Paper:

Read carefully! Failure to include all of the information required will impact your grade. Start on this paper early in the class as you read each of the sections that pertain to the paper. This paper shows your application of the knowledge you read and can relate to your sport/activity. I am most interested in a balance between your personal comments and the exercise science to support your comments. If your paper lacks exercise science support, as evidenced by outside resources and cited within your paper, it will be difficult to score well. Lastly, this paper when done well, will exceed 15 pages, double spaced, with 12 font. That is the minimum. This paper, when done well, will be a resource for you as you teach and coach this activity in the future. I look forward to reading your work. If anyone uses someone else’s paper from previous classes, it will be an automatic F for the course, and subject to university disciplinary actions! Do your own work.

The sample papers provided are just that, samples. There are new components listed below that must be added into your final paper. IF you follow only the sample paper, you will miss the material below and it will decrease your grade. If you have questions, please email me, or schedule a time to meet with me, and I’d be glad to help!


Text book:

applied Exercise and Sport Physiology with Labs, 4 th Ed., (2016 ), Housch, T., Housch, D., & deVries,

H., Holcomb Hathaway, Publishers

2. Part II: Analyze the physiological and mechanical needs of the observed athlete in that sport (60 points) CHAPTER 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 14,18

a. What are the main movements of the sport that would need to be trained? MUST PRODUCE A CHART OF THE MAIN MOVEMENTS AND THE MUSCLES AFFECTED!!

b. What are the skeletal-muscular systems that would need to be emphasized for the activity and what safety considerations need to be focused upon related to age, gender, maturation?

c. Review each energy system from class readings and materials. Then, describe how each would be used within the activity. Using scientific language from your readings, include how each system works to provide energy for the activity.




3. Part III Nutrition Application (30 points) CHAPTER 15, 16

a. What are the major nutrition categories? Briefly give an overview of why each are needed and some food choices for those categories.

b. What is needed for the age group specified for healthy eating?

c. What are the food sources that are needed to supply the body with energy for the sport in particular? Focus on how those foods become energy.

d. Design a 1-week meal plan for students in this activity focused on balanced nutrition and hydration. MUST BE IN CHART FORM!!

4. Part IV: General resistance training program for that sport/activity (40 points) CHAPTER 11, 2 AND D2L MATERIAL

a. What are the main phases of a training program related to Periodization needed for that sport/activity? Focus on:

1. Macro Cycle Variables

2. Meso Cycle Variables

3. Micro Cycle Variables

b. What are the types of training systems that would enhance the performance of the sport or activity? Explicitly focus on a system that may include some of the following or your own program:

1. Single Set

2. Multi-set

3. Bulk Set

4. Pyramid System: Ascending/Descending

5. Circuit Training

6. Isokinetic Training

7. Bodyweight

8. Power Training

c. What are the training system Acute Program Variables (listed below) needed to be considered for the sport/activity? Focus on:

1. Choice of Exercise

2. Order of Exercise

3. Compound vs Isolation Exercises

4. Number of Sets

5. Number of Reps

6. Tempo and TUT (time under tension) considerations

7. Rest Periods

5. Part V: General speed development/running/conditioning program for that sport/activity. Systems to consider include: (15 points) CHAPTER 12,13

a. Dynamic Warm-up and Flexibility Progression

b. General Preparation Phase

c. Speed Endurance Phase

d. Speed Development

e. Plyometrics

f. Long Endurance Training

g. Interval Training

h. Cool down and static flexibility Progressions

6. Part VI: General core development/ general off-season fitness plan for the sport/activity (15 points)

a. What considerations are needed to help the students maintain a healthy active lifestyle beyond the sport? CHAPTER 9, 10, 11

7. Part VII: Identify, apply, and critique a sport performance/ assessment tool for that sport/activity (20 points) FIND AN ACTUAL ASSESSMENT TOOL AND PROVIDE A LINK TO IT!

a. What is a tool that can be used to help assess student knowledge and skill of the sport or activity? FIND AN ACTUAL ASSESSMENT TOOL AND PROVIDE A LINK TO IT!

b. What are key elements of the assessment that can assist students to become more competent and knowledgeable movers?

8. Resources and Reference Page (10)

a. Include at least 10 sport science resources or links that support your paper. Include the citations in your paper. Make sure that all the links work. List all of your resources on the last page as a Reference page.

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