So this project is basically 2 parts and I have already completed part 1 of the project last month, and so now for the second part I need to modify my source codes from my files from part 1 of the project to include extra features and methods in part 2 instructions. Below I will provide both PDFs from each part of the Java project. The part 1 PDF (as CECS 277-Project1) includes the expected output that I got from the source code (pokemon project 1.txt) and so for part 2 PDF (CECS 277-Project2), I need to modify that source code with the files to include new features and edits as required in the part 2 PDF instructions. I will also include a task list (ATasks) of what needs to be updated for part 2 of this project. Pokemon List text is also provided as well and Area1,2, and 3 text files will also be included for the Map class for Part 2. Thank you very much.

**Reminder: pokemon project 1.txt is the completed code from CECS277-Project1.pdf that will need to be modified in CECS277-Project2(1).pdf and through ATasks.PNG with provided text files:PokemonList.txt, Area1.txt, Area2.txt, and Area3.txt.**

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