Respond to the following case study scenarios as if you are a practicing behavior analyst.

1. Write this paper cohesively, in paragraph format. This should not be a list of questions and answers.

2. Describe the problem in the scenario.

3. Within your writing, cite all of the ethical codes that you believe apply to each scenario, and why. A code does not have to be broken in the scenario for it to be applicable. Cite more than one applicable code per scenario and explain why it applies.

4. Explain what the person writing the scenario should do. Is there an informal solution? Or, what is the next step to resolve the problem in the scenario?

Make sure that you review the rubric for this assignment. Your reflection must be in APA format (including citing ethical codes) and must be a minimum of 4 double spaced pages excluding cover page and reference page.

Please respond to all of the following scenarios. Case studies can be found in the back of your Ethics for Behavior Analysts textbook in Appendix C.

1. Scenario # 6

2. Scenario # 8

3. Scenario # 24

4. Scenario # 26

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