Research Proposal


a brief description outlining your topic

the country/territory/area/concept you will be covering and the time frame (if relevant)

the format or approach of your paper (is it a policy analysis paper, a comparative study, a literature review or book report, an argumentative/persuasive essay, an attempt at theory development or critical analysis, etc.)

a couple of sources that you have consulted, collected, and/or plan to use/review for the essay

Finally, write your essay thesis or guiding theme in the form of a question. (For example: “How has the concept of recognition been deployed in negotiations and analyses surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict since the Second Intifada?”

Research Essay:

One 6-to-7-page Research Essay (15 points) on a topic of your choosing. You will need to submit a short proposal outlining your topic, the country/territory/area you will be covering, the style/format of your paper, and a couple of sources that you plan to use. Proposals are due October 7th and are worth 5 points. You may change the topic of your paper after the initial proposal submission with my approval. If you do not inform me of your change in topic then you may have points deducted from your final paper. Work will be submitted through plagiarism software.

You may choose to do a policy brief or country report that provides guidance on some refined topic to a government or non-government agency; a literature review or book report that summarizes and critically engages with some work(s) not assigned in class; or an essay on a topic related or relevant to the course topics that you would like to better understand. You must use/cite at least 3 sources not assigned in the course. The essays will be graded along three criteria:

clarity – includes flow, logic, and organization (clear introduction and conclusion, paragraph breaks, transition sentences).

content – includes evidence of quality research, accurate claims and relevant support, novelty of topic or approach, and valid conclusions or insights.

care – includes proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, citations and bibliography.

Comments from Customer

I made a mistake when I choose the type of paper. It is a research essay, not an admission essay. I would like to have a half paper that includes the Research Proposal. Keep in mind, this is the politics of the middle east class so it would be good if you choose a topic that has to do with that.

I am not a native speaker please do not overdo this assignment.

INSTRUCTIONS FROM CUSTOMER: the writer can come up with any topic that fits the information I provided

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