Please write a paper that focuses on the microbiology of the HIV Virus and its resistance to possible cures on the microbiology and cell level. Please be as specific as possible when it comes to the cell level and how can civil and environmental engineering help find a possible cure to this virus. Please use the first page to introduce the HIV virus and some history and data of that virus and AIDS.

This paper aims not to bring awareness of HIV but rather to discuss the microbiology of the virus and why it keeps resisting any cure. Utilize Bloom’s taxonomy to get inspiration for language to use in your outcome statement:

Develop a systematic process for searching the literature using a Boolean string of search terms and an appropriate database. This process should be repeatable, and your report should describe the process well enough for someone else to be able to perform the search and find the same results you found. You may refer to the following articles for further reading,

Khan, K. S., Kunz, R., Kleijnen, J., Antes, G. (2003). Five steps to conducting a systematic review. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 96(3), 118-121. (Links to an external site.)

Pullin, A. S., Stewart, G. B. (2006). Guidelines for systematic review in conservation and environmental management. Conservation Biology, 20(6), 1647-1656. (Links to an external site.)

Okoli, C., & Schabram, K. (2010). A guide to conducting a systematic literature review of information systems research. Available at SSRN: (Links to an external site.)

Strukelj, E. (2018). Writing a systematic literature review. JEPS Bulletin, Available at:

Would you mind avoiding news articles unless they are a secondary source of information and cite scientific research into their text? No more than two news articles are to be noted in this research paper. Please note that you may NOT use more than two resources outside the united states, Canada and the European Union. At least three sources MUST be from the United States of America. I suggested 8 sources to be cited but please feel free to use as many sources as possible in your paper and PowerPoint.

You must make your presentation interactive, meaning that you should plan for one short activity that involves audience participation, to help your audience learn the concepts being presented. Your references should be cited on your final slide or on the final page of your lecture notes, and they should be formatted according to APA style:

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