please if there is any chart table or pictures needed to be included in the presentation , do let me know.

part 1 is individual assiagnment for each student and the total are 4 student:(four individual assignments).

(Produce a three-page executive summary report which explains the United Kingdom’s current)

Electrical Power landscape. The report should examine the following topics as a minimum:

• Principal components of the Electrical Power Network System – The National Grid.

• The transmission working voltages that are typically used and why.

• The advantages of using Three-Phase A.C. Distribution.

• Both the current and future Electrical Generation requirements, energy sources and


The report should be written as follows:

• Front Cover (not included in the three-page count)

• Size 12 font with fully justified margins

• Introduction

• Main Research (see above)

• Summary

• References (not included in the three-page count)

part 2 is group assignment is RELATED to part 1

Group-based research exercise – four students per group.

Produce and present a short 15-minute presentation utilising your research or other

knowledge from Part A.

please write for each student a paragraph or sum up for 3 minutes presentation for each TOPIC as written below.

Each member of the group will be responsible for taking ownership of one of the four topics

listed below, all topics must be presented by the group during the presentation:

• Generators and the principles of how to model them in power networks. (student A with sum up for a voice presentation for 3min )

• Transmission lines, including construction and modelling techniques.( student B with sum up for a voice presentation for 3min ))

• Induction motors, operational requirements and applications. (student C with sum up for a voice presentation for 3min ))

• Sustainability and world agreements.( student D with sum up for a voice presentation for 3min ))

The following presentation format guidance is recommended:

• Presentation constructed using PowerPoint

• Minimum of 8 slides

• Maximum of 16 slides

part 3

3. PART C: Practical

Read through the Feedback Power Frames Assignment 5 notes in Appendix A.

Arrange an appointment with the Technician to use the Feedback Power Rigs in the

Laboratory. You may work in small groups (4 people maximum) to obtain the data.

No-one can operate the equipment without Technician supervision.

Carry out and complete practical exercises 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3. see the attachment below for more information.

You may use the tables provided to record your experimental results. (in the file)

Produce an individual short report which shows your results in graphical form along with

explanations of what they depict and reasons for the behaviour observed. Your report should include photographs of the equipment set up

please call or text me for any information

Comments from Customer

in part 1 i will need the writer to write 4 different assignment for each student as i stated before and avoid the similarity.

in part 3 i need the writer to start using data from his own hypothetical experiment and this experiment , we will apply it in the lab . so please write the steps and everything that should be included .in part 3 i will send to the writer the data and start doing part 1 and 2. and wait for me to make sure of that.

and part 1 we mention 12 pages for the assignment to be included 3 pages for 4 student. to be clear each student will have 3 pages.

and part 2 it will a power point of max. 12 pages included chart, table, data or pictures. and i mention there are 4 topics for each student ( A- B- C – D ) will read the topic.

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