please finish reading So Long A Letter and write a 1-2 page response on any of the following questions. This will be the last reading response for the semester.

What importance does the case of Jacqueline (41-45) serve in the novel?

Compare and contrast the marriages of Ramatoulaye and Aissatou. Likewise, compare the experiences of Nabou with Madow and Binetou with Modou.

Describe the impact of taking a second wife on Modou (48-50).

Why does Ramatoulaye reject both Tamsir and Daouda’s proposals? (58, 68)

What role does modernity play in the work? (cf. 15, 23, 73, 77, 87)

Is there a political message in this book? Why or why not?

How does Ramatoulaye conceive of motherhood? (75-76, 82-83)

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