PICO-based research question regarding the identified quality improvement measure. The question must state the selected population, the intervention to be implemented, the comparison to another group that did not have the proposed measure implemented and the outcome as a result.

One of the biggest issues was ongoing missed labs.

P- Nursing staff

I- Gave standard practices or standard processes for those lab visits and processing of lab orders and we put it into a standard work and distributed it to homecare.

C- Found that not everybody was following the same processes for lab visits, not only for the lab visit processes themselves but for the process of communicating new orders, so therefore we ended up having missed labs because of that.

O- Improvement has been made. So, one of the steps in the process is that we’ve asked visit nurses or anyone who draws blood from a patient is to verify the two identifiers, and then also they ask those questions as they’re filling up the lab requisites for the blood samples, also to verify that we have the correct labs that are supposed to be drawn, I feel that our patients have appreciated our extra safety steps, and also thanks to this we have had a significant decrease in our missed labs overall as a system.

T- This is a work in progress that it is being constantly monitored.

Step 1 Complete a detailed literature search.

Perform a detailed literature search and identify six current (≤ five years old) articles (qualitative/quantitative studies) from scholarly journals to support your quality improvement measure. Proper APA citing of sources is required. Four of the six sources will be approved by your course instructor for use in writing the annotated bibliography.

***This assignment has to be based on the above info (PICOT)***

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