Part 1: The M&A team would like for you to analyze two investment opportunities for the upcoming Investment Committee meeting. The analysis should be a maximum of 2-page per opportunity in 12-pt font, Times New Roman and in any format you would like (bullet points, paragraphs, charts, etc.). Please focus on the following subheadings as a guide for your write-up but feel free to add any additional sections you would like:

Summary of the Opportunity

Financial Analysis

Key Due Diligence Findings

Investment Thesis and Opportunities

Key Risks

Your Recommendation

Propose a Valuation and Deal Structure

Part 2: As part of the M&A team, you will also be responsible in overseeing operations at existing portfolio companies. The M&A team has presented you with three operational scenarios they are currently facing and would like your input. Please provide your analysis of the scenarios in up to a maximum of 500 words each.

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