NOTE:This assignment is required to be uploaded to the Graduation Information & Requirements course during your final semester in the program. In addition to submitting the assignment for this course, make sure that you save the assignment on your computer to upload in your final semester. Make sure that the specific details of your assignment do not contain any information that would allow peers to identify specific people or a specific organization. Make sure that you have removed all identifying information about the client before uploading your assignment to the Graduation Information & Requirements course.

Part 2 will be a continuation of Part 1 and will ask you to describe how you would intervene with particular clients using the theory or theories you described in Part 1. The major focus of this paper is to show your application of theory (or theories) in your proposed clinical work with a specific client population.


Part 2 of the paper should be 4-6 pages in length and follow the outline below:

1. Population

Identify a client population that you would propose working with in the future. You should be specific enough that their target problems are clearly identified.

2. Intervention Process

How would the major concepts of your chosen theory or theories (described in Part 1) guide you in the intervention process with the proposed client population?

What are some specific interventions that you would use that operationalize the major concepts of this theory? In other words, please provide clear examples of how you would use theory to inform your interventions with clients, including specific techniques.

Are the concepts of transference and countertransference specifically addressed by this theory? Even if they are not addressed formally within the theory, how would you attend to these concepts with your client?

3. Effectiveness

Have there been any systematic studies done on the effectiveness of the interventions that you use in your practice approach? If so, please briefly describe the major findings.

If there have not been any studies done, what is the basis of your confidence in your interventions? What do you consider to be evidence of effectiveness?

In your practice, how would you assess whether your interventions are working with a particular client?

4. Social Policy and Context Considerations

What constraints are there in social and agency policy that would impede the application of your theory for practice or undermine its effectiveness? Describe how you might work to change these.

Specifically, what cultural, political, economic, social, or organizational factors would have an oppressive impact on clients? Describe how you might act to modify or buffer these using your theory/theories for practice.

5. Future Professional and Personal Development – Think about your future work as a clinical social worker, including any specific populations or settings.

In terms of your professional self, what areas would you like to develop further? For example, are there particular skills or areas of knowledge that you would like to learn or expand in the coming years? Do you have any ongoing professional goals you have set for yourself?

In terms of your personal self, are there areas that you would like to develop further to enhance your effectiveness as a social worker and to avoid burnout?

This is a research paper and you are expected to use only scholarly sources, including at minimum five (5) outside, scholarly references in addition to any class material.

Clarity of Writing and Proper APA Format: Paper should be well organized with title page and appropriate use of headings and subheadings, be free of spelling and grammatical errors, contain correctly cited references within the paper and at the end, and meet the minimum page requirements.

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