Overview of the thesis: • Question: The architectural elements in Behzad’s Painting: A reflection of Timurids architectures or style evolution? • Objectives: To analyze the architectural elements in Behzad’s paintings. Including: Calligraphy on buildings, colors, patterns, materials, perspectives and architectural elements. To investigate Timurids real buildings and surrounding to find the relation with what was reflected on the paintings.

The List of Suggested Points to Cover

In your research proposal previously submitted to the program, you have shared points like, research questions, objectives, methodology and so on. In this paper, different points need to be cover according to your choice. For instance:

▪ Review of 3-4 books talking closely the main questions of my research. Discuss the approach in each book and how conclusion was assembled. ( Please write in the paper Section 1 for this part – This section should be 1500 words )

▪ Analyze 2-3 relevant case studies where the challenges, issues and conflicts raised in your research were addressed positively or negatively. ( Section 2 – 1000 words )

▪ Write scientifically and using research-based approach, the selected methodology/ies or your thesis. Defend your decision and illustrate how such methods are so relevant to the main thrust of your thesis. ( Section 3 – 1000 words )

▪ Introductory Statement: My Thesis is Amazing!! Why? Justification of the uniqueness of my thesis; new topic, distinguished context, innovative research methodology, or critical and conclusive literature review. ( Section 4 – 1500 words )

▪ Choose 3 paintings of Behzad with photos ( the chosen paintings must be included architecture elements): Describe and analyze paintings elements and link it to architectural characteristics in Timurid period. ( This is the most important section / Section 5 – around 1000 words for each painting )

▪ Conclusions and Recommendations. ( 1000 words )

Writer should not duplicate paragraphs from different sections. Will be deleted when review.

Use APA with footnotes citations at end if each page.

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