Negotiation Topic:

piderman is a character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for Marvel Comics that has since become one of the most popular and recognizable superheroes of all time. Sony has owned the rights to the character for years and has made multiple films featuring Spiderman and the villains with ties to him. Over the years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanded to the point where Spiderman was on the short list to join the Avengers, a group that he has many interactions with in the comics. In an effort to maintain continuity and use the Spiderman character in large scale crossover films as well as standalone movies, Disney (which has owned Marvel Studios for the last decade) attempted to purchase the rights to do so. Sony, unlike Fox, which sold the x-men, the fantastic four, galactus, and other named characters to Disney, did not want to capitulate to Disneys request. Sony wanted to keep long term rights to the character in order to use Spiderman in more of their own movies and video games and also wanted to keep control of the rights to sell movies containing Spiderman to streaming services. The negotiations led to Tom Holland’s Spiderman trilogy as well as his appearance in three crossover films to date, but none of the solo Spiderman films were allowed to be released to Disney+ due to Sony’s insisting on control over streaming services in the contract. This negotiation was complex, had clear ramifications, and is a prime example of conflicting interests finding areas in which to find common ground. We would like to explore how these results came to be, the decisions each company made, and how the negotiation could have gone differently.

Part that needs to be done/ Initial Assignment:

-Background: Describe the background and context in which the negotiation took/is taking place. Who are the people/organizations involved? How do they know each other? What issues are being discussed and why? You do not need to provide excessive detail about the situation. Rather, you should spend most of the presentation analyzing the negotiation by applying course material

-What insights can you derive about how different factors, such as each parties’ actions and choices, influenced the outcome (or could influence the outcome if the negotiation is ongoing) and why? Draw upon key concepts to explain

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Discipline: Negotiations

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