-Read the case “Coach Takes on China: Leveraging Distribution to Solve Unique Challenges” attached file. Then read below for paper guidelines section 1 and 2. Do research based on the case’s timeline situation. You may also look for

current info from investor relations, required filings on public stock exchanges (e.g. 10-K

reports), global programs and policies, etc.

– https://www.tapestry.com/investors/

– Coach’s parent company, Tapestry, files its 10-K in August

• Use complete sentences and paragraphs. Include subheadings for the sections to organize the paper. It should be 5 pages, double-spaced. See all the links in Modules’ Course Intro

and Resources section for APA format, writing samples, and other help.

• Cite sources of information as you write (parentheses with source following any

information from that source – not just for direct quotes). Also, include a full list of

references used at the end of the assignment (using APA format – not just web site


o You should have at least three quality references in addition to the company’s web site and 10-K report (more will likely improve grade).

o Wikipedia is not considered a valid reference in academic research. Also avoid sources that do not have an author and date (e.g., if someone posted their own analysis of the company but without date or references) – unless it is a reputable

site that maintains company financials, etc.

Paper’s Guidelines

Section I: Brand Internal and External Worldwide Overview

• Briefly describe the Coach brand

o How is the brand strategy structured? Is it the same around the world?

o How is the brand positioned worldwide?

o Create a simple SWOT

• Who are the Coach customers?

o Are all customers the same worldwide?

• Who are the brand’s main competitors globally?

o How are these different or the same to Coach?

Section II: Discussion Questions

Think about the 4Ps and use examples with citations to support your analysis.

Q1. What are Coach’s existing distribution channels in China? Which do you think is the most


Q2. Do you agree that Coach’s current distribution strategy is appropriate for a luxury goods

company? Why or why not?

Q3. Coach’s entry into Japan was a slow and traditional pattern of growth. Do you think Coach

is doing the right thing by expanding so aggressively and rapidly in China?

Q4. How can Coach increase its brand awareness in China?

Q5. How should Coach create a luxury shopping experience for China’s high-context consumers

in different distribution channels? Give specific recommendations for traditional outlets, such

as flagship stores, and non-traditional outlets, like their company website.

Q6. Should Coach be concerned by potential cannibalization of its mainland China sales due to

globe-trotting shoppers? What about loss of sales to black market re-sellers?

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