n this lecture, we learned about the core principles of science communication. These principles include paying attention to audience, framing, language, and evaluation. Focusing on the US National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), one of the institutes of the US NIH, this exercise gives you the opportunity to discuss audience, framing, and language.

For this assignment, consider what you read in Perusall activity by Wu (2017) and Green (2020). As we learned in the lecture, Katherine Wu works as a science communicator. Eric Green, the author of the second reading, is the Director of the NHGRI, an institution we have also heard about in previous Modules. As we will also discuss in the next lecture, in 2020 the NHGRI launched a “strategic plan” for genomics, providing predictions related both to the science of genomics (including genome editing) and how genomics might be integrated into our daily lives in the next decade. As a part of this strategic plan, Green authored the blog article in Scientific American that you have read.


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