Mini Research Paper: Inflation and Recession

Select one topic from the list below related to money and banking for the course. Once you have selected your research topic, review the materials in the text that can help you get started, and then begin conducting outside research using the online library, the internet, the Wall Street Journal websites, the Economist, and so forth.

Your mini research paper should have the following.

It should be approximately four to five pages (excluding reference and title pages).

It should be written in APA format to include a title page, citations as appropriate, and a reference page at the end. APA format is double-spaced, indented paragraph format.

These short papers do not require an abstract or running head.

Topics (select one)

What has been the impact of the 2007–2008 mortgage crisis on the money supply in the United States? What actions did the Federal Reserve take in response to the mortgage crisis?

What interventions were taken by the Federal Reserve during the most recent recession, and how did these actions compare to strategies implemented in the past? Were the actions successful?

How has the Federal Reserve strategy of the last 5 years affected the U.S. dollar exchange rate? Why did the Federal Reserve follow this strategy? Has it been successful?

How have Federal Reserve actions on the discount rate in the last 3 years affected inflation and unemployment in the United States?

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