Literature Paper On Respiratory Diseases.

Students will independently complete a literature review about a topic related to public health. Students

will write a 3-page (minimum) paper that synthesizes appropriate literature about some health topic of

their choice (i.e., some outcome/dependent variable). ( MUST HAVE COVER SHEET AND REFERENCE SHEET ! This is separate from the 3 pages so in total you should have 5 pages.)

The Literature Review will follow the current American Psychological

Association (APA) edition citation and format style (i.e., 7th Edition). Therefore, it should be

formatted to have double spacing between lines, two spaces after a period, font type Times New

Roman, and font size 12 points. For more information about APA 7th Edition,

Background (15 points)

a. An in-depth epidemiological background (who, when, where)of the health topic that

you are focused on (e.g., cancer, obesity, anxiety, opioids) using high quality

references. Also, be sure to clearly define the key health topics examined in the literature


b. A purpose statement for the literature review AND a research question(s) that will be

answered from the literature review (both go in last paragraph of this section).

2. Methods (15 points)

a. The electronic databases used to identify literature, the final search strategy used in

PubMed or other database (with specific keywords, Boolean operators, eligibility criteria,),

and all other things related to the process that you used to conduct the literature review.

3. Results (40 points)

a. A brief statement that describes the overall findings of the literature review. For

example, the total number of research studies that were found from the literature review

that were necessary to answer the research question(s).

b. A table that includes the major components of the individual research studies that

were identified from the literature review that were necessary to answer the research

question(s). Identified research studies should be listed in chronological order. (You should

list the references by date in chronological order in one column and the basic

elements of their findings in the next column)

c. A written narrative that compares and contrasts the individual research studies that

were included in the table. In other words, discuss the similarities and differences among

the research studies that you included in the table.

4. Conclusions (20 points)

a. A conclusion statement that responds to the research question(s) that was in the

background section of the literature review, i.e., answer your research question.

5. References (10 points)

a. A list of all references incorporated into the literature review must be included. Make

certain to use APA 7th edition formatting guidelines.

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