Learn from the resources listed this week and do any additional research. Number your answers to match with the discussion topic numbers (1, 2, 3). Answer them based on your learning and research with analysis. Cite the references being researched inline within the body of the writing, and also note them at the end of the answer as a reference. It is adequate to research from three to five references if that meets your research need. The number of words (quantity) is not a measure of quality and vice versa, but an adequate coverage for the primary post for the discussion topics below is possible between 400 and 500 words (500 words is typically one page with single-spaced, 12 font, standard margin).

Submit the primary answer by Thursday of the week and two additional responses by the deadline.

Discussion 1. Explain 5 ways to secure the software to prevent any failure. For each security measure that you are proposing, state what the security measure is, why you need to take this measure (meaning, what would happen if it is not secured), how to secure (not a detailed step, but at least touch upon the broad way to address it with any tool, technology, etc.). Number the five security measures as i, ii, iii, etc. so that I can differentiate them in your answer. A few examples to consider (you can use them and also come up with your own) are patching of software and why and with any specific patch, patch in the operating system and security fixes, software fix to prevent unauthorized access, etc. The answers can be based on what you have learned on the organization(s) based on your research, and/or your learning and analysis on the areas of a security vulnerability in the software.

Discussion 2. Research how a business in an organization could be affected because of a software failure, and provide your analysis on how to address it. This question asks you to analyze any impact in a business of an organization because of the software failure. An example could be the unavailability of an e-commerce website because of a bug in the software and it resulted in a loss of sales. You can cite any real example from an organization based on your research, or use a fictitious company.

Discussion 3. From your research, share one technical tool (either open-source and publicly available or a commercial product) that can be used to prevent the software failure. Investigate this tool and share your findings on its purpose, how it might be used. It is not expected for you to be an expert but this gives you an opportunity to explore a tool. For your own interest, you may consider downloading the tool of your choice and explore it further.

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