Introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion

MLA style

The topic is one that can be identified as a proper noun (rather than a common noun). You

won’t, in other words, evaluate ‘movies,’ but instead evaluate one particular movie; similarly,

you won’t review ‘restaurants,’ but rather you will review one particular one.

 The writer must establish a clearly defined set of standards, criteria, or expectations to measure

the quality or effectiveness of that topic.

 The thesis should not be one that suggests “fence-sitting.” It should be a clear-cut assertion

about the topic after having applied the standards/criteria/expectations to it.

 That is not to say, however, that you cannot offer both good and bad points; it is to say, though,

that your overall evaluation or review should be positive or negative.

 Body paragraphs should correspond to the standards/criteria/expectations you established.

There should never be an attempt to be ‘all inclusive.’

 Supporting details within the body paragraphs must be specific, detailed, and concrete, with the

writer pointing out clearly how those supporting details are valuable and valid.

 Tone is an important consideration…that is, your attitude towards your topic must be apparent

through your word choice, just as surely as it is apparent through your content.

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