• Students must complete one long research paper of approximately 6-8 pages length and utilizing 3-5 academic sources on some issue involving topics related to the course. In the term paper, students will be graded on clarity, style, and the use of appropriate evidence to defend a clearly articulated argument. Purely narrative papers- which tell a story rather than analyzing an issue- will receive poor grades.

• Paper needs a research question and the paper answers that and especially in the conclusion.

• There is plagiarism check.

• Please refine the outline to fit the best quality work if the current one needs improvements.

Final Research Paper outline

Topic: How marriage acts as a social pressure in relation to caste system in Hindu/Muslim communities.

Introduction: History of Marriage in Hindu/Muslim communities and definition of caste system concept.

Body1: Marriage as a social pressure for women in Hindu/Muslim communities.

Body 2: Marriage for economic benefits in Hindu/Muslim communities, for example, Sati.

Body3: Gender-based differences between young women/men in Marriage. For example, relevant age.

Body 4: Hindu/Muslim communities’ marriage from the same cast. Do people still marry from the same caste?

Conclusion: reflection and takeaways about Hindu/Muslim communities’ social norms about marriage.

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