in this proposal should have introduction, literature review, research expectation, data and research evidence ,methods of analysis , and research plan . This research is geography research.

this research main idea is solar panel and green roof ; stormwater management dynamics(wight of the soil:green roof) after and befor stormwater , heath vegetation (NDVI);moist soil management and how solar panel effect that ,so this research should be use different typed of mathed ; senser of soil wight , senser of soil temperater . Also ,the NDVI help to comper the health vegetation of green roof with solar panel and without.

any addtional information please conact me

thanks for your help:)

Assessing the Stormwater management system and the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI )of green roof and the influence of solar panel(title)



This study is about solar panel : stormwater management dynamic and NDVI (the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) and moist soil management.

So this research proposal seeks to monitoring and assess solar panel the hydrological cycle ( stormwater management dynamic)

Study Goal

The purpose of this research is to assess and monitoring the solar panel properties of green roofs in the (……..) city using Stormwater management system and NDVI analysis. For each scenario the green roof thermal performance and its influence on the stormwater runoff will be estimated. The findings of this report is aimed to increase the (…….. )city leaders understanding of the solar panel and green roof benefits and its ability to manage stormwater runoff and health vegetation.

Study Objectives

• Compare the weight of green roofs with types of precipitation and the effect of solar panels on the weight of the amount of precipitation gained in the soil.

•Monitoring health vegetation with Normalized Difference Vegetation Index and effect of solar panels.

Assess relationship of moisture soil and Soil temperature with solar panel




introduction should have this point.

a. Introduce the topic by presenting a clear, brief statement of the problem that indicates

discovery, interpretation, or application.

b. Provide any background detail and context for the problem.

c. Justify the relevance of your topic. Why should the reader care? Describe the significance of

the problem with reference to any of the following criteria, or other criteria that you develop: solves a practical problem, fills in a research gap, evaluates the effects of a policy, affects a wide or critical population, creates or improves an instrument for observing and/or analyzing data, is timely or relevant, and so forth.

d. Outline your problem’s thematic, temporal and geographical scope. Define where your study will take place, what the important boundaries or locations are, what the time frame of the study is, and provide a justification for these limitations. Also explain other limitations of your research project (what are the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed research?).

2. Literature review

Minimum of five source.

This file in the download files.

Literature Review instructions;

Provide a review of the sources (minimum of five) that you included in your Literature Review. Include a few sentences summarizing each source, and a clear explanation about how it is related to your research problem. Finally, provide a discussion that “contextualizes” your problem/question with the research that has been performed. How is will your proposed research add knowledge to the existing scientific literature.

3.Research expectations.

Research Expectations should include;

Clearly state your hypothesis or hypotheses and explain how they are related to your research problem. Hypotheses should indicate the relationship you expect to find between two concepts or variables. You might try using a “because….therefore…..” or “if…..then…..” type of format. Specify your independent and dependent variables if they exist.

4. Data and research evidence.

Should be ;

*sun light .

*data capture; is the process of extracting information from document .

*soil temptation (top and button the soil)

sensor of evaporation.

vegetation box.

Data and Research Evidence should include;

For students doing quantitative work, list and describe the variables you need to test your hypotheses. How they will be measured? Where will they come from? Make a list of any variables used, if relevant.

Variable Measurement Source

Is the data primary or secondary? If the data is primary, how will it be collected? Have you explained this? If the data is secondary, how will you get access to it? Have you explained how it was collected and any specific problems with the data? Will you be able to test each hypothesis with your data?

If your research is qualitative, discuss what central concepts or evidence will be used to evaluate or assess the ideas in your work. Where will the evidence come from? How will you measure or evaluate it? Are your measurement and evaluation methods thorough and consistent?

the data is primary and secondary ;


Would be maps, tables, graph.

Methods of Analysis should include;

How will the data or qualitative evidence be analyzed? What maps and/or graphs and tables are necessary? What techniques will be used to test the hypotheses? Are these cartographic, statistical, or verbal? Have you clearly explained your techniques?


We visited the location of green roof on spring 2020.

We stared with some literature review.

Research Plan should include;

Discuss a plan for your research including the schedule and duration of activities. Prepare a Gantt chart with the all discrete research and events listed. Order the starting points of these events sequentially, with the last event being the filing of your thesis or dissertation at the Library.

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