In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, there is new planned venture to return to the moon being run by a private company called Lunatiks. Kazakhstan, given its vast natural resource base and abundance of engineers and other talented professional staff, has been chosen as the location to develop and launch the new lunar module. You are a Senior Project Manager for a construction company called, BlastOFF, which will be constructing the launch pad for the rocket. This includes building the actual structure, as well as fitting out everything inside the building – plumbing, electrics, all machinery and technical equipment etc that will launch the actual rocket containing the module. (For clarification – you are concerned with the launch pad only, not the rocket itself). You have been asked to lead this Project and work with the CFO of Lunatiks, who is responsible for setting and managing the budget (i.e. this will not be your area of responsibility). BlastOFF, in terms of its contract with Lunatiks has asked you perform the following tasks:

To elaborate a risk management plan for this project

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