Implement two files in this part: the client (tcpclient.c) and the server (tcpserver.c), and they do a three-way handshake communication using a TCP representation. Instructions attached and started code to be sent upon acceptance.

Please do Part B and C of this project at the moment. Require part B by Monday 11/22 and part C by Saturday 12/4 (I will adjust deadline for this).

•    Part B is a simple refactoring of the server file by making it concurrent with multithreading (using p-thread library).

•    Part C is a single-threaded but concurrent server using event-driven techniques  using multi-threads.


•    A sample C program for multi-threading (sample_thread.c) has been provided as an example.

•    There is an attached file titled ‘Common-Mistakes-in-CIT595-Project-3-updated-7.20.21’

o    Small changes to the makefile are needed for part B. They are detailed in page 4 of this file.

o    Pages 3 and 4 of the attached file detail common mistakes for part B

o    Page  5 of the attached file detail common mistakes for part C

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