I would love to answer this prompt with the idea of how moving to a place like Los Angeles has made me conscious of multiculturalism. I hope for this response to talk about my cultural competence as a skill that has served me well in both personal and professional leadership environments; how my awareness and empathy towards diversity has allowed me to engage more openly and create deeper, more meaningful relationships. Mention how being able to attend a global campus like the University of California would not only allow me to continue expanding my horizons and grow as a person but would also prepare me with the tools to take on today’s increasingly globalized society.

I will attach a word document with a story and background references for you to incorporate. I would love it if you could somehow find a smooth insertion of the chopstick story mentioned in the attached file.

I hope this gives you enough to go off of, and the attached file gives you an idea of my writing style and tone. Thank you!

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