I have requested this part earlier but I am not satisfied with the final document at all. Because of that, I am requesting it again and I will provide more data so the writer can understand better what I need. I will attach the business plan which was already been done by me but the financial plan part is missing and this is the part that should be done by you. Please read the business plan to have good knowledge about the costs, revenues, sales forecast, expanses..etc. You will find many tables with different headings. Also, there is a table in the appendices please have a look at it. I will give a general idea here:

1. It is a mobile dental clinic and the services provided costs are in my draft.

2. The owners are the dentist and the dental hygienist. The workers are listed in my draft and their salaries are in my draft. (10,000 AED).

3. The promotion budget is 8,900 AED and they will be used in 1st month and in May.

4. The van price is 150,000 AED and the medical equipment price is 150,000AED and the business will pay them within 2 years which means every month 6250 AED per month for the van and 6250 AED for medical equipment.

5. The consumables price is 11,398 AED in the 1st month only while in the other months it will be 5608 AED.

6. The van maintenance is in June and it is 4000 AED and the medical equipment maintenance is in August and it is 4000 AED.

You will find more information in my draft and please if there is any question ask me. I will attach 3 files, The template of the business plan, my draft, and the presentation of the business plan which contain a slide under the projection name, please follow the same prices as mentioned in it (revenues, cost, and profit). please be accurate in doing it because it should be submitted after two days and I do not have time to request a revision. The prices should be reasonable do not put random numbers. I will be asked about them.

Comments from Customer

Please follow the projection slide in the PowerPoint to do the 12-month profit and loss projection as the numbers should be the same, and do not do a three-year profit projection.

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