Hi I attached an example of how the paper should be.

• The addendum provides information about locating the most current CPG(s) (2021) & current provider evidence. This is an update for the rubric.

• Textbooks, books, websites, .org’s, .edu’s, CDC, Stat Pearls, Epocrates, cannotbe cited.

Scholarly papers must be no older than 5 years

Please Read all the blue letters in the outline and follow the instructions.

Use the ADA guideline 2021 website.


Primary diagnosis is Type 2 DM and secondary is Hyperlipidemia. USE ICD10 Code for both diagnosis.

cite ICD10data.com

For diagnosing your patient paraphrase & cite in your own words content from the 2021 ADA guideline.

Cite current Clinical Practice Guideline

For medications use prescription format. example:

Carvedilol 25 mg tab

Sig: Take ½ tablet (12.5 mg) by mouth twice daily

Dispense: 90

Refills: 1

For Patient Education Medications, MOA & side effects, Patient Education Diet, Patient Education Exercise: please add actual side effects and MOA

For referrals and consult: Please add Nutritionist, Podiatry, Opthamology and use scholarly references as to why you chose each.

For medication cost use Goodrx.com website, and please cite

Comments from Customer

Please read both instructions written by me and the files updated. All information needs to be in the outline format. Please use website provided. For the ADA 2021 guidelines you can get some articles from there. I attached an example of a paper. Please do not copy from that person. Everything in your own words and everything needs to be cited.

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