hi, here is an easy intro for myself, so you can write the essay based on my info.

• My major is in econ. This year is my fourth year in Canada. I lived in school dormitory for one year then renting after. I respect and accept different cultures, also I try to join into different cultures by talking about food, hobbies and sports. I only have few native friends due to the language issues and different lifestyle. Also, I am a more individualism person and long-term oriented, high power distance. In the forth stage of DMIS model.

if there is not enough info, you can make up some about the missing info.

So, for the midpoint essay, it’s 5 pages with a minimum of 5 sources. the final essay, it’s 8 pages with a minimum of 7 sources. plz try to write the final essay related to my major. also please give me separated 2 word documents in the end.

please follow the instructions and the apa format carefully, please run the Grammarly and plagiarism check before give back to me, thanks.

If you have any questions, let me know.

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